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Planes and airports, planes and airports (repeat)

Loooong two days of travel ahead...

So, the big day has arrived and I'm finally on my way to the Causcasus. Right now, I'm sitting in the Philadelphia airport after the shortest of the flights I'll be taking. Here's my travel schedule:

Tuesday, 1:30 USAirways flight from Columbus - Philadelphia
Tuesday, 6:15 USAirways flight from Philadelphia - Zurich
-- I get in at 8:25 am on Wenesday morning.
Wednesday, 1:20 pm Ukraine International Airways flight from Zurich - Kiev
Wednesday, 8:30 pm Ukraine International Airways flight from Kiev - Tlibisi
-- I finally get in at 11:55 pm Wednesday night. The place I'm staying is sending a driver to pick me up at the airport.
It costs about $5-10 more than a taxi, but will be worth it, I feel. That way I *know* someone will be expecting me there. if I weren't getting in so late, I probably wouldn't worry about it. Arriving after midnight in a strange city where I don't speak the language seems to tell me it's worth it.

This is going to be a long two days, I'm sure. I have my new ipad to entertain me in places like this with wifi. I'll try to sleep on my overnight flight to Zurich, but I'm not always best at doing that. Well see...

Feel free to leave comments on my posts. The way the blog is set up, I have to "approve" comments. So, it may take a day for the to show up here, but they will. From this point on, I promise my posts will get more interesting! Oh, and if you "subscribe" to the blog, you'll get emails when I put up a new entry.

Talk to you soon...!

Posted by world_wide_mike 13:17

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Hope the next couple flights are smooth sailing. Looking forward to the stories!

by Jenny

Mike, I'm so jealous. Your trip looks amazing so far and I love the blog. I always start with the intent to blog but it rarely works out. I'll have to add Georgia to my list. I'm doing Hawaii (again) and Iceland this year so it will have to wait a while.

by Angela Bridges

I'm curious about your meals...what are the local food customs like

by Jeff Brannick

Hi Jeff! Food has been good. Lots of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. In Georgia, the ffried potatoes in good. There is also a cheesy bread thing which is like a pizza without tomato sauce but stuffed with cheese. Armenia is more known for grilled meats. I had chicken shish kebab last night. Breakfasts are the normal pastries, bread, eggs, and a really good fresh, home made cherry yoghurt here in Armenia.

by world_wide_mike

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