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Welcome to my Travel blog! 06/01/2012
So Where are Georgia and the Caucasus? 06/03/2012
Starting a Travel Blog for This Summer's Trip 06/03/2012
Have hat, ready to travel! 06/14/2012
Planes and airports, planes and airports (repeat) 06/26/2012
Near-disaster on Day 1 06/28/2012
Deep into the Wooded Mountains 06/29/2012
Storming the Castle 07/02/2012
Cave Men of Georgia 07/02/2012
Space Truckin' in Debed Canyon 07/03/2012
A Castle Named Lori 07/04/2012
Cooling My Heels in Yerevan 07/05/2012
"You can't always get what you want..." 07/06/2012
Mystery Holiday in Armenia 07/08/2012
To Be A Country, Or Not To Be 07/09/2012
A Holiday From My Holiday 07/10/2012
End of Armenia 07/13/2012
A Rainy Night in Georgia 07/14/2012
Day Trip To Gori 07/16/2012
Land of Monks and Winemakers 07/17/2012
Visual Symphony in Svaneti 07/21/2012
Tblisi and My Taste of Georgia 07/24/2012
Iceland...for Spring Break...? 03/19/2013
It's not so cold...well, it's kind of cold, here... 03/23/2013
Golden time on the Circle 03/25/2013
Wheels, water, and crampons 03/25/2013
A Beautiful Lady Named Snaefellsness 03/26/2013
Museum Day in Reykjavik 03/27/2013
Prowling Around Reykjavik 03/28/2013
Soaking in the Lagoon 03/30/2013
At long last...Cyprus! 03/29/2014
Navigating our way around Cyprus 03/31/2014
Trekking through the Troodos 04/01/2014
One for the History Books 04/02/2014
One Day in the North 04/04/2014
Getting ready for an Asian adventure 06/11/2014
Taroko Gorge -- don't nap and miss this in Taiwan 06/18/2014
A True Lotus Does not Wilt in the Heat 06/20/2014
A Hot New Number: the Taiwanese Two-Step! 06/21/2014
Patience, Grasshopper... 06/21/2014
A Curtain of Rain to Close Out Taiwan 06/22/2014
Peace and Beauty on Ha Long Bay 06/25/2014
Hanoi's Test 06/26/2014
If You Can't Beat the Scooters in Vietnam, then... 06/28/2014
A Day in Hue 06/29/2014
Has This Monkey Lost His Marbles? 06/29/2014
Revisiting the Vietnam War 07/01/2014
A Trip to the Rice Bowl for one Final Serving of Vietnam 07/02/2014
Getting ready for Nicaragua 03/25/2015
Granada's Sights -- Catch Them Before it's too late! 03/29/2015
Storm Cloud Looms Over Volcan Masaya and Day 2 03/30/2015
Up in the Air & In the Clouds 03/31/2015
Local Advice Makes Leon (and Old Leon) Roar 04/01/2015
Hurtling Down a Volcano Sounds Like a Good Time...right? 04/03/2015
A Cacophony of Colorful Carpets 04/05/2015
Old Destination, New Frontier 06/05/2015
Bell'Italia: Leading Students on an Educational Tour 06/16/2015
Pompeii and the Pearl that is Assisi 06/17/2015
Sunny, Seaside Cinque Terre 06/18/2015
Me in Cinque Terre 06/18/2015
Gentlemen (and Women) of Florence and Verona 06/19/2015
Italy's Grand Finale: Venice 06/23/2015
Heading to Ukraine tomorrow...! 07/14/2015
Easing my First Day in Kiev 07/18/2015
Diary From Chernobyl 07/19/2015
One Day to Lviv 07/21/2015
To the Mountaintop and Back 07/22/2015
On the Sixth Day, Rest was Decreed 07/23/2015
Couple Days in Kolomyya 07/24/2015
Dream Castle 07/26/2015
Into Every Life 07/28/2015
Spring in La Sernissima 03/27/2016
Why I Love Venice 03/29/2016
Driving Down Dalmatia 03/30/2016
Dubrovnik: Worth Waiting Two Decades For! 04/01/2016
Splitting the Day in Croatia 04/04/2016
Bosnian Bonus: Does this count as "visiting" the country? 04/04/2016
Singapore - So Much More Than Just Another Big City 06/25/2016
Stormy Skies, Scenic Views 06/27/2016
Lost in Luang Prabang 06/29/2016
Riding an Elephant in Laos 07/01/2016
What Wat? 07/02/2016
Hiking in Singapore's Garden 07/03/2016
Manil-hell? 07/10/2016
Rain Out in Palawan 07/11/2016
Bueno Day in Buenos Aires 03/18/2017
Feeling Like an Antique After Shopping Day 03/19/2017
Admiring the Houses of the Dead 03/21/2017
Uruguay For One Day 03/21/2017
Art Taking the High Road, and Low Road 03/22/2017
The Past Lives on in Tigre Delta 03/23/2017
Many Movements on a Moving Day 03/24/2017
Sri Lankan Journey Begins at an Elephant's Pace 06/26/2017
Of Temples and Towering Trees 06/27/2017
Dream-like Caves in Dambulla 06/27/2017
Climbing Sigiriya Rock 06/29/2017
Full Pallet of History in Polonnaruwa 06/29/2017
Close Encounters of the Pachyderm Kind 07/04/2017
Galling End to My Sri Lankan Journey 07/05/2017
A Spot of Tea Country 07/08/2017
To Timbuktu and Back 03/05/2018
Three Day Break in Aruba 03/06/2018
Visiting Friends in Copehagen 03/07/2018
Hiking the Inca Trail 03/07/2018
Slovenia - Gorgeous Gem of the Balkans 03/08/2018
Malta's Millenia of History 03/08/2018
Curaçao’s Quaint Dutch Waterfront Enchants Under Stars & Sun 03/24/2018
Snorkeling a Shipwreck on Curaçao 03/25/2018
Two Days of Relaxation 03/27/2018
Kayaking the Green and Blue Waters 03/28/2018
In Search of Flippy the Sea Turtle 03/29/2018
I’ve Been to the Mountain 03/30/2018
A Few Hours in Monaco 07/06/2018
Egypt - Ancient Wonders 07/09/2018
Italy's Amalfi Coast - the most beautiful in the world 07/09/2018
Exploring Albania 07/09/2018
Lions in South Africa, and more 07/09/2018
Into the Mountain Kingdom 07/09/2018
Walking With the Wildlife in Swaziland 07/09/2018
Mexico's Ancient Ruins 11/14/2018
Mexico's Sunny Beaches 11/14/2018